32 years understanding the world from the theater

The Grup Focus is a business organization with artistic vocation.

With more than thirty years of experience, the Grup Focus is a leader in the performing arts sector and the leading operator in the field of creating and producing unique events. His activity is structured by the ownership of eight companies and the majority participation in other five.

The complementarity of their companies and the high level of the more than three hundred professionals that make up their workforce allows, every year, the Grup Focus can perform around ten theater productions, three hundred events and more than seven thousand technical services.

The productions of FOCUS are a reference between the great festivals and the stage circuits.

If there is an obsession shared by the team of the Grup Focus, it is the determined bet to create, produce, exhibit … and distribute quality shows. It is our commitment with the performing arts sector, but also our greatest satisfaction. It encourages us to know that we collaborate in the shared task that all audiences find on stage respond to their needs, expectations, yearnings and, above all, invite them to experience unique experiences.

Our artistic criterion based on excellence continues to be based on working with the best, both with those that go on stage and those that make the machine work between the dolls.

But, at the same time, we continue to offer the opportunity to the new values ​​of authorship, dramaturgy, direction or interpretation, to show their talent and get on the car of Talía. And, from here, share with you the fruit of the work of many through shows, our indestructible commitment to the territory.

We continue on the list of phones with our shows with the same enthusiasm of the debutant. Therefore, nothing better than sharing, with confidence and complicity, with all the theaters that welcome us.

Let the function begin!

Sergi Calleja, director of distribution